Monday, June 22, 2009

The world's best Father's Day gift

Well, my first Father's Day has come and gone and my only observation is this: where in the hell are the all-you-can-eat Father's Day buffets? Mom gets this treatment so why not dad?
And no matter what you may be thinking, I didn't get a weekend at a nude resort. Or did I? What did you all do to celebrate this Hallmark holiday? Me? I spent the day cutting an immense pile of lumber.
Be sure to keep up on all things Minnesota with MinnPics. The first birthday week is only two weeks away... can you feel the excitement in the air? Maybe it's just humidity.


People in the Sun said...

Is it just me, or is she saying, "What was I thinking?"

snowelf said...

Our mini-golf/go kart track/arcade/fake chuck e cheese/laser tag/outdoor maze having place let dads play free on father's day. Not all you can eat, but not too bad.

We just had a BBQ in the rain.


Beth said...

You get to be a father - that's the gift! (And it's the kind that keeps on giving...)

spleeness said...

Where are all the nude all-you-can-eat buffets??