Friday, June 26, 2009

What are your weekend plans?

Rarely do I know what I'll be doing two or three days in advance and I almost never make weekend plans but being as I call the southwest metro of the Twin Cities home, I always make it a point to head on down U.S. Highway 169 to the Minnesota Highway 19 exit and visit the river side town of Henderson on the last weekend of June. In particular, Sunday is a good day because it's the crown jewel (so to speak) of Henderson's annual Sauer Kraut Days celebration.

Yep, noon on Sunday marks the start of the parade with 3 PM Sunday bringing the Sauer Kraut-eating contest. Oh, you haven't lived until you've seen a handful of contestants creatively wolfing down two pounds of sauer kraut. You'll either be doubled over with laughter or doubled over in disgust, chocking back vomit.

I guess Sauer Kraut Days is something of a big deal for Henderson. In previous years I seem to remember FOX 9 doing a live report and a Star-Tribune article this year seems to at least mention the festival. It's worth the drive - about 25 minutes from Shakopee - and if you're lucky you just might see me at the parade. (full schedule here) I'll be the guy with the world's cutest 7 month old baby girl and a Nikon D80 camera. Say "hi" and enjoy some kraut!

And be sure to check MinnPics next week for Kraut-tastic photos!


Bill Roehl said...

mmmmm sauerkraut!

We're camping for the third time this season this weekend. This time we're heading to Interstate State Park in WI with friends for camping and fishing. I'm pretty pumped but I wish I didn't have to shell out $35 for the parking pass :(

spleeness said...

"You'll either be doubled over with laughter or doubled over in disgust" -- haha!

I can't imagine Dan at one of these. I love the stuff but he thinks it's one of the most revolting substances known to man. He will not even sit next to me when I'm eating it.

Have fun!