Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We've got a screamer

A lot happened during the past weekend. My sister-in-law stumbled down our back steps and broke a terra cotta pot as well as bruising her knee and foot. Two of my nephews got in a fight with one receiving the business end of a toy tractor in the head - yes, there was blood. I grilled many pounds of meat. I saw a lot of sauerkraut eaten. I finished the swing project in the back yard which resulted in a whole gaggle of happy kids.

And then there was the baby. I have a very happy girl. Well, whe wasn't exactly the picture of happy late Friday afternoon as we struggled to get out of the house by 7 PM to get to a birthday party. It was one of those epic meltdowns. We could't figure out what the hell was wrong. She screamed to the point of hyperventilating. We fed her which didn't accomplish anything because it really isn't feeding (drinking) if she won't take her bottle. We changed her diaper. We tried to get her to relax by rolling on the floor. We gave her a bath which she screamed all the way through. We then resorted to drugging the baby.

We tried baby Tylenol. We followed that with baby gas medicine. Then my old lady rubbed some Orajel on the baby's gums. Whatever the case, one of the thirty or so things we did calmed her down and we were on our way to Friday's obligations and the rest of the weekend.

Then came late Sunday. The baby grabbed my sister-in-law's fingers and stuffed them in her mouth. She said that she felt something. My reaction was "Yeah, she's slowly gumming you to death". But she went exploring. Pulling her lip down and pushing that tiny baby tongue back. And there they were. Two front bottom teeth just through the gums. That explains the screaming from Friday night but she's a total trooper. Two teeth at once and nothing more than a couple hours of screaming. Color me impressed.

Head over to MinnPics to see what a happy baby in a swing looks like. And other stuff from the weekend that was.


Hammer said...

Orajel is a life saver for teething kids. I always keep a tube handy since my girls have several teeth coming in at once.

Countess B said...

Pray they continue to come in two at a time. Gets it over with much more quickly. My kids never took orajel. If yours will take it - go for it. We are old school so when it got so bad we couldn't take it any more we took a little bit of whiskey and rubbed it on their gums. It's numbed it, and helped them sleep. Then we took a shot and it helped us sleep too!!