Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tornado hits Austin, Minnesota

If no new is good news, I'll take it at its face value. That's how I'm thinking after hearing about the tornado that touched down in my old hometown of Austin, Minnesota last night. I actually knew nothing about it until my parents called and I saw a rather quick and sketchy report on last night's 10 PM news on KSTP.

I've seen Facebook posts from friends in Austin so I can gather that they are alright but when a tornado hits the place where you used to live, it gives you a whole new respect for the power of Mother Nature. On the other hand, last night marked the first tornado of the year in Minnesota. A late, but powerful, start to the severe weather season. Check out the photo gallery from the Austin Daily Herald.

The other Austin, Minnesota area media outlets have some decent coverage as well...
KAAL-TV story photos more photos, Rochester Post Bulletin, KIMT-TV

The main area of damage is apparently in the northern edge of the city with damage in the city's industrial park, the Winddrift Lounge, Todd Park and businesses in Mapleview.

And check MinnPics later because I'm sure I'll unearth some storm photos later in the day.

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