Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Phrases to live by

It's probably not odd but for me, most of my best ideas are hatched in the bathroom or after midnight. Here are a few - try to figure out their birth place.

If you cut too many corners, you end up with a circle.

If you have time to do it wrong, you have time to do it right.

If you have time to lean, you have time to clean.

You look like a horse.

To make a good burger, don't overbeat your meat.

The customer is always right except when they're wrong.

The Desperate Housewives are nothing but drunks, sluts and murderers.

If a movie is on SciFi, it's just not that good.

Every neighborhood has a hillbilly and if you don't think so, you might be the hillbilly.

Are there more? Maybe. Should you check out MinnPics and bite your nails in anticipation of the big 1st birthday blowout during the first full week of July? Definitely!


justacoolcat said...

There's no way my neighborhood has a hillbilly, now if you'll excuse my my jug band has to practice.

snowelf said...

My ghetto neighbors just got evicted!! Whoo hoo! :)


noisysmile said...

OMG you look like a horse LOL! You stole that from me!