Monday, June 01, 2009

Kate Gosselin in a bikini!

Why is this in the top news searches on Google? Kate Gosselin in a bikini. So. What.

Wow. America is officially completely fucked when we care this much about an essentially single mom on vacation with her brood of medical miracle kids. We get it, you guys have your own show on TLC - a cable channel which should have its letters repossessed because when, in the last decade, has anyone gleaned one damn shred of intelligence and learning from this channel? Why not call it TMLC - The Manufactured Life Channel because it has become - with the help of the Gosselin family and their brood of whiny misfits - an 18/5 freakshow with every freakishly gargantuan family having their own show. There's the Duggards (sp?) and their cult-sized family of 18 kids and then Table for 12 whose family could field an entire baseball team - but none of them would be anything without the odd success of a woman who is today famous because her marriage is a total trainwreck and she wore a bikini - to the BEACH. Wow. Scandalous. And she isn't exactly smokin' hot in her bikini but if I was asked by her if I wanted to hit that , I'd probably say yes (with low lighting being a prerequisite) and quietly slip out the door before the inevitable crazy came out to say good morning in its own crazy way.


Hammer said...
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Hammer said...

I agree TLC has turned to pure shit.

She doesn't look half bad for squirting out 8 pups.

spleeness said...

I was just thinking along these lines yesterday when I read that some celebrity had a baby shower. REALLY?? OMG! Better stop what I'm doing and read all about their baby shower! Rare events like this deserve the spotlight you know.