Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The interview with me: Part Two

On the urging of a commenter on what was actually part one of the interview I did with my recently invented personality, Captain Fantastic, here are some follow-up questions...

Captain Fantastic: Are you a side sleeper or back sleeper?
Sornie: Usually I am a side sleeper but that's a lot of work because I usually end up on my back by morning. It takes a lot of energy to hold the side sleeping pose.

CF: Chocolate or vanilla?
S: I an not opposed some chocolate. Dark-skinned women, hell - women of any skin color - are fine by me...

CF: No, I meant chocolate or vanilla ice cream?
S: Oh, Neopolitan all the way. I'm all about ice cream equality.

CF: Do you have an accent? I don't know why I picture you with a slight English or Nordic accent.
S: I am a typical midwesterner which means I don't have an accent. I sound just like someone from California, Illinois or Ohio. I don't have the fake accent that was portrayed in Fargo.

CF: Musical taste? What get's your toes-a-tapping?
S: A wie variety of things but I tend to go through music like I go through bottles of juice. I'm always discovering both new and old tunes but I tend to lean towards alternative music. FOr old stuff, think The Replacements and Social Distortion. For current stalwarts, think Green Day and Weezer and for new stuff that makes some people say "What?" think along the lines of Metric and Phoenix.

CF: Oh and when did you start taking pix for MinnPics?
S: I started taking photos with some regularity when I bought my first decent digital camera in 2003 and upgraded to a pro model in 2007. I don't feature a lot of my own work because that would be rather self-serving. I started MinnPics in July of 2008 and while I love it I am considering replacing it with another project. Would you miss MinnPics if it went away?


Bill Roehl said...

Why not roll the MP content in here and save yourself the domain fees? I really enjoy MP as I've found several outstanding photographers to follow.

Sornie said...

I have everything on Blogger so there are no domain fees. Yay me for being cheap. Let's just say that I'm thinking about shopping MinnPics around.

spleeness said...

So, to continue: do you say the h's in words, like is "what" pronounced like "wHut" or "wat"?

CF is pretty cool.

I like MinnPics as it is. Can your morph it into what you want or do you want to change it too much for that to be done easily?

Sornie said...

Nope, no Hs overpronounced but I do like listening for that on the TV news.

As for MinnPics, I'm thinking about its future and if I want to maintain control or shop it around to some legit organizations.

In the end, though, I'll probably keep it all for myself.

snowelf said...

I checked out MinnPics the other day and I really appreciated it--it's really well done. You could sell it off I guess, but what would you do with all that extra genius once you stopped using it for segway lines? ;)