Monday, June 22, 2009

Hot scoop: the Jon and Kate plus 8 announcement

For an entire week, cable channel TLC has kept tens of millions of Americans on the edge of their collective seats by constantly airing this teaser about tonight's Jon and Kate Plus Eight announcement:

What could it be? They've made decisions to bring peace to their lives. But what are those decisions?

We all know that the real decision is that Jon Gosselin finally grew some balls and decided to divorce his gold-digging, child-exploiting wife in favor of a twenty-something teacher. Well, actually Kate decided to divorce him because she is the one who makes every decision in this off-kilter family but it was fun to speculate that Jon decided on the divorce.

Even more fun is to speculate on some far-flung ideas about what this huge announcement and decision could be. Maybe Kate Gosselin has decided to join the church of Scientology. Maybe she has opted for sexual reassignment surgery because after being the one with the theoretical balls in the relationship, she wanted some actual balls. Or maybe Kate has decided that Jon is going to get neutered - he already is to a certain degree but she wants to make it official. Or maybe, and this is a huge maybe, Kate Gosselin has decided to announce that she is a robot from the planet Bitch.

On a cheerier note, check out MinnPics. It's a photo project of sorts chronicling all things Minnesota.


snowelf said...

Sornie, I'm counting on you to fill me with your regular hilarious commentary in as I cannot watch that show.


noisysmile said...

Robot from the planet bitch LOLLOL!

Thanks for the laugh!

C-dell said...

LOL very funny at the end, I have only seen it a couple of times with my mother. I would never wish divorce on anyone but if she really has him cuckholded like you say maybe it is the best the only problem there is the kids. How will it affect them, probably no worse than that show did

Renaissance Woman said...

I don't watch the show...but I have seen some clips here and there. I agree that she is a bit much and not somebody that I would have picked as my wife. But I wouldn't have picked him either. And in the end...they both knew what they were getting into from beginning and so I have no pity for him. I don't think they should be together any more... I think he also has a ton of flaws that people aren't talking about.