Sunday, May 31, 2009

What content makes you popular?

My job entails a shitload of crunching analytical data for various accounts and tweaking variables to make the world function properly so as boring as it may sound, numbers are interesting to me and what works best and draws the most interaction can be huge - both in terms of popularity and dollars.

That's why, from time to time, I make it a point to check which blog content here has performed best.

It's no surprise that in the little over two years I have been using this particular software on this blog that I have derived approximately half of my traffic due to the popularity of camel toe, nipples and ass - particularly Kim Kardashian's ass and the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the proliferation of camel toe and nipples which is almost exclusive to beach volleyball and gymnastics.

If you're curious, here are the top posts (from my top ten sources of traffic)

1) From came toe to nipples, olympics are the place

4) I'm on camel toe patrol

5) Welcome to China, nipple capital of the world

7) Kim Kardashian and her ass will dance

8) Extreme trailer house makeover

9) Mix American Diner, Chaska, MN

10) Nursing home abuse and the dad who defends it

So, what I glean from this is that well over half of the traffic I receive must be from doctors and clothing designers because who else wold be interested in camel toe, nipples and ass? I've also learned that, in all seriousness, you tend to get most of your long-term traffic from the state in which you reside. I lean, for the most part, heavily Minnesotan with my content and the post about the nursing home abuse in Albert Lea, MN did get picked up somewhere nationally so writing about what you know (I'm originally from the Austin-Albert Lea area) works. Maybe I'll write about farming or my garden because I do know both of those topics quite well. What would you like to see here? More sex and light-heartedness or more topical content?

Or just more mentioning of the kick-ass photos at MinnPics. All Minnesota - guaranteed!

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