Friday, May 29, 2009

Teens & oral sex

Is oral sex the new goodnight kiss for teens in America? According to an ABC documentary (via), it is. I have my doubts, though, because teens have been known to tell tall tales. Especially in front of their friends because who wouldn't want to brag about crazy, drunken parties where every girl there is on her knees with a mouth full of - um - pants sausage.

Maybe I'm dating myself but when I was in high school waaaaaaaaay back in the '90s I don't recall those parties actually happening nor do I remember any hot classmate eagerly gobbling my brand of sausage - so to speak.

Teenagers, by definition, are bullshitters. They are really not to be believed even if their stories are so true and paint such an awesome picture that you can almost imagine Brittany the cheerleader captain with her mouth wrapped around some guy's trouser meat and three or four of her cheerleader friends dancing topless on a coffee table in the next room. Hell, most parents aren't too cool with having their child's dumbass friends in their house, much less having a teen sex party in the basement.

Sure, teens have sex with other teens because that's how pregnant teen moms are made but if these blowjob parties and amateur stripper shows are happening, there damn well be some less than grainy undercover footage.

MinnPics is sex-free but that doesn't mean that the photos don't entirely rock so check it out.


Hammer said...

I was thinking the same thing.

The study was done in Canada..not sure if they are more fond of pants sausae up there or not.

spleeness said...

I had NO idea they came to this conclusion. I don't believe it though, I just can't. If it IS true, this might explain why I was not popular in high school.

BrightenedBoy said...

Whenever I watch teen movies it always makes me kind of irritated, because I think, "That's not how it's like at all."

Have you ever noticed that in a horror film, all the kids are making snide comments about the first person who got knocked off?

If someone from a local high school actually got murdered, everybody would be freaking out, and they'd probably all be over at a friend's house crying.

I actually believe the blowjob thing, though. I mean, people do crazy things. I've seen it.

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