Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Stalker or curious person

After work today my old lady and I, along with the child, ventured streetside to plant some flowers we bought a week or so ago. Not even five minutes had passed when, as I glanced down our street, I saw a vehicle I recognized.

"Hey, that's the one person (I actually said the individual's name) I work with. Why the hell's [this person] driving by our house? [This person] lives about 15 or 20 miles away - it said so in the newsletter a few months back."

"Huh" responded my old lady.

No less than a minute passed when the very same vehicle drove by at a low rate of speed again. Being who I am, I stared intently letting this individual know that I had seen them and I'm fairly certain there was eye contact to cement my neck-craning stare as I held the baby and alternated between watching traffic on our tucked-away street and watching my old lady dig in the dirt.

"Was that [the same person]?"

"Yeah, and that's not just a coincidence. Nobody accidentally drives fifteen miles out of their way to accidentally drive down our street twice. At least go over a block for your return trip" I said almost breathlessly as my curiosity started building.

Would this individual mention the chance drive down my residential street in a fashion that seemed to be exclusively for scoping out my house? What's the deal? Is this person curious about how I'm living so damn large on my pauper's wage? Is this person plotting some sort of revenge directed at me?

I have so many questions and while I'd love to ask them all I highly doubt I could get even a shred of an answer because this person's sole purpose on Earth is to do as little as possible while appearing to be extremely busy because a closed door always means you're busy.

What's your take? Is this co-worker just overly curious or should I be double deadbolting my doors and parking my car a couple blocks over and living in fear of some sort of horror movie reenactment?

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snowelf said...

That's odd...and kinda creepy... unless someone they know lives on your street?


Beth said...

Busy or not, I'd knock on his or her door and ask what the hell were they doing. I'd actually phrase my question politely (of course) but I'd want to know!

Hammer said...


I'd keep keep a close watch and also confront the person.

"Hey I saw you crusing in my neighborhood are you house shopping?"

Jules said...

I think your stalker is just a lurker on your blog and he was just trying to scope out your new award winning bathroom reno... right down to the chipring birds!

spleeness said...

Do they know you have a blog? If so, they are so busted. That should shame them into stopping their stalking habits.

My first inkling is that the person is female and obsessed with you. But one of my girlfriends found one of HER friends, also female and not gay, doing the same thing. My friend could only think that this person must either be envious or inappropriately needy/strange and this was their warped idea of trying to be like her. No matter what though, it's pretty creepy.

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Ramesh said...

Thanks finally I think stalker is a curious person.

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