Sunday, May 10, 2009

It's a tennis court - for zombies

Nearly every day myself and the rest of the office drones in my department use on of our 15 minutes breaks. It builds employee morale when it seems, at times, that each day could be our last and it gives us a chance to get somewhat in shape. It gets tough sitting in a chair straining to be creative for 7.5 hours a day, 4.75 days each week.

I had seen the rectangular, fenced-in area since day one. It sits behind some rather non-descript townhomes alongside a drainage channel where the recreational trail is. The chainlink fence seems out of place to begin with and it made me wonder. What exactly is this area meant for?

I immediately recognized its proportions as that of a tennis court then, as the gerbil got back on the wheel, I put two and two together. Chainlink fence plus a tennis court-sized area obviously equals zombie tennis. It's a logical way to both keep the brain-hungry zombies contained and entertained because even zombies get bored.

I could immediately picture the arguments between zombie players and the zombie line judge. Zombie tennis full of mishaps including, but not limited to, arms still attached to the racket hurdling end over end because zombies are always losing limbs; zombie tennis players viciously biting other players and the zombies endlessly walking against the fence in their futile attempts at escape but still not being able to figure out the climbing the lowly three foot-tall fence would lead to their escape and plenty of precious brains.

Normalcy isn't a bad thing so go check out the non-warped side of my work at MinnPics where you can appreciate the hundreds of photos which I have already showcased and wait patiently for what's next.

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snowelf said...


This is one of my most favorite posts you've ever written.

Zombies rock.