Thursday, May 28, 2009

An interview with me

The throngs of readers here don't particularly know a lot about yours truly so why not an interview to enlighten and entertain? And who better to interview yours truly than the personality I coined Sunday evening over a few bottles of Leinie's Summer Shandy - Captain Fantastic.

Captain Fantastic: What is one thing your readers have to know about you?

Sornie: I am actually painfully normal. I wear pants most days and my underwear is nearly free of tears and rips.

CF: What is your favorite music?

S: Wellllllll....... I am about to crack the 15,000 track mark on my iMac's iTunes library so the variety contained there tends to describe me fairly well although avid readers here know that I have a passion for alternative music and actually believe that radio can be good although the Twin Cities, outside of 89.3 The Current, is a complete pile of shit in its present state and virtually unlistenable.

CF: Do you do any tricks?

S: I don't know if it's a trick but I've been known to run through the house wearing a towel (and nothing else?) proclaiming myself Mr. Towely.

CF: What scares you?

S: Being unemployed. Honestly, I am surprised that I am gainfully employed. Oh, sure, I've held on for over six years at my current job but I've always got my eye on a couple cardboard boxes to pack the contents of my overloaded desk in as management escorts me from the building kicking and screaming.

CF: Do you have any favorite things?

S: Most every material item I could actually do without. It's easy to say but when Ebola finally kills millions and puts the rest of us on lockdown, I'll be wishing I had charged my iPod.

CF: Coke or Pepsi?

S: Coke all the way. Pepsi is the work of the devil and Coke is addictive. I'm fairly certain that they still put the cocaine in it.

CF: Have you ever "crossed swords"?

S: I've been camping at Apple River so I'd be lying if I said that I hadn't agreed to a late-night sword fight with competing streams.

CF: Do you have a favorite color?

S: PMS 185C - it's Coca-Cola red in printer's terms.

CF: Favorite food?

S: I've been curious what baby formula tastes like and whether or not it would be tasty if used in the making of a vanilla shake.

CF: Favorite author?

S: Um, yeah, I don't read much in the way of books but a great writer is Matt Taibbi. Google him.

CF: Favorite type of cloud?

S: Mammatus. They look like boobs.

CF: Any advice for the class of 2009?

S: Good damn luck. I hope you like being unemployed. But seriously, drag out your time in college as long as possible and get wise with all things internet - and I don't mean constantly updating your Facebook page. Learn coding languages, get into development, learn CSS, PHP, mySQL and teach yourself Drupal. I'm slowly working on it - so should you.

(oh, the inspiration for this, and a couple questions, came from here)

Alright, this wasn't very humorous and I'm probably going to slit Captain Fantastic's throat while he sleeps but for consistent quality check out the photos of Minnesota at MinnPics. You won't regret clicking that link.

And if you have any questions about me, leave them in the comments and I'll answer them promptly.


Beth said...

Good to know your underwear is nearly free of tears & rips. Made my day. (Doesn't take much...)

spleeness said...

Captain Fantastic didn't ask the good stuff! You a side sleeper or back sleeper? Chocolate or vanilla? Do you have an accent? I don't know why I picture you with a slight English or Nordic accent. Musical taste maybe. Oh and when did you start taking pix for MinnPics?

Mrs Marcos said...

"CF: Coke or Pepsi?

S: Coke all the way. Pepsi is the work of the devil and Coke is addictive. I'm fairly certain that they still put the cocaine in it."

RE: Pepsi is the work of the devil...

AMEN! I bet they serve warm Pepsi in hell.