Monday, May 18, 2009

How NOT to spend your weekend

I got stuck in a slide. No, not one of those shitty new-fangled plastic models with curves and bumps on it, this was an old-school burn-your-legs-in-the-hot-summer-sun metal slide. Straight as an arrow. The only problem was that I didn't really examine its width before chasing the oldest nephew down it. Now before you throw your head into overdrive and assume that I am a fatty (of sorts) let me preemptively defend myself and remind you that my waist is a slim and trim 33 inches and is very well proportioned to my 6-foot 1-inch tall frame. It's just that the slide wasn't designed for 30 year-olds.

And I think that this is a problem. Why should it be that a 30 year-old guy can't have a bit of fun on a slide? Why should that level of fun be left to four year-old kids who have so little focus that a swing bores the crap out of them even after my simple instuctions. Maybe it's time to develop an adult playground. No, not that type of adult playground but one with swings (no, not those swings), teeter-totters, those spinny merry-go-round things, the animals on ultra-sturdy springs and slides built for an adult-sized waistline. It's truly what America needs right now.

And America also needs grea tphotography. That's where MinnPics comes in. It's a showcase for great photography with hand-picked photos from across Minnesota.


Hammer said...

I always got stuck when my legs fried on the 200 degree metal.

Beth said...

I shouldn't laugh at your slide mishap.
But I am!
If only you could have taken a picture of yourself - and posted it.