Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bad family photos

I don't think I've ever been a aprt of a "family" photo. I despise being in front of the camera because it's not me. I make myself busy behind the camera in an effort to make the subjects of the photo look natural and comfortable and have fun.

Then I see photos like these. The person taking crap photos like this should be beaten mercilessly but that kind of punishment would put an end to such atrocious photos as these. The posing is horribly forced and everything about the photos are bad. Laugh if you like.

One or two people leaning on their fist is borderline okay but a group of five being forced, probably against their will, to rest their chin on their fist is bad... or funny... But in the end it makes for an awkward family photo.

This family must be part monkey because there is no way anyone else would climb a tree only to be posed riding a large tree branch. Maybe in the photographer's head it seemed like a kick-ass idea but when put on paper it looks like another awkward family photo that we can all snicker at.

For photos that don't suck, check out MinnPics.


Emily said...

I'm fairly sure the family in the tree is a Photoshop job, but hilarious nonetheless.

People in the Sun said...

It's nice of the first family to include Daddy's girlfriend in the picture.