Thursday, May 21, 2009

All about Kate Gosselin's fake blog

It's a well-kept secret that I write both a celebrity gossip blog and a TV blog for my employer so it's often hard to truly express myself within the language limitations placed on me. That's why I've become increasingly random here but the one thing I am intensely focused on is Jon & Kate Plus Eight on TLC. That show is truly shit. Kate Gosselin basically has neutered her husband and if he is tip-toeing through the tulips with another woman, kudos to him because the dude's wife if a self-centered, celebrity-obsessed bitch who only cares about her appearance and sees her kids (but only the youngest six) as dollar signs. If you want to see how truly crazy it is that this family has a television show because - gasp - they're a unique family - check out "Kate Gosselin's" blog at for two reasons. First off, I sincerely doubt that she actually sits down at a computer and types that drivel that seems to be written by one of the show's pee-ons or a fifth grader with a severe learning disability. The second reason is that I've begun commenting there (under the obvious name "Sornie") to see how many comments of mine the producers will actually post as I get increasingly over-the-top in my congratulating of this God-like woman.

There's actually a third reason too. They moderate the fuck out of the comments. So much so that an unfettered blog, Gosselins Without Pity, has popped up so people can freely voice themselves over the fake TLC blog posts where only positivity is allowed in the comments.

But back to the shrew known as Kate Gosselin. It's widely known (now) that she began plotting and scheming on how to turn a buck after she insisted on fertility treatments for her second pregnancy. She saw, from day one, sextuplets as tiny cash machines. Dress them all alike and the money will pour in. And thanks to our braindead society willing to gobble up even the lowest shit, because it's neatly packaged, she has won. But I think the relative collapse over the past month of her perfect little fairytale life of having a bunch of nannies, nurses, aides and staff around to essentially raise your little troop of hellions will finally bring to an end her reign of terror. Maybe this will be the end of America making somebody out of nobody. Maybe it's finally the damn end of the bullshit we, as a society, gobble up because we're too fucking lazy to read a book, magazine, listen to some music, go for a walk or watch PBS (which had a killer two hour Nova on Tuesday night about Evolution vs. "Intelligent Design") because all we want to do after our mundane jobs is to shut our brains off.

Well, I can dream.

If you want to stimulate your brain, check out the photos at MinnPics.


Hammer said...

The first I ever heard of this was a tabloid cover at the checkout stand then as the wife was watching "E" last night.

It's funny, I pretty much thought the same thing was going on that you just stated. Self obsessed narcissitic bitch.

I'm going to see if I can troll that fake blog.

snowelf said...

I fucking hate, hate, HATE that show. I think her husband really just shuts up so he can keep the peace in front of the children, and because of that, I also think that her kids are going to grow up thinking it's okay to treat their spouses like shit. So in essence, SuperBitchSpawn is raising eight future spouse abusers who will have no respect for marriage and America is promoting and funding all of them because right now they look like cute little kids that are all dressed alike.


Beth said...

I can't stand that woman...and her bratty kids and her wussy husband.

Whiskeymarie said...

I've never seen the show, and yet I know all about it anyways. I couldn't find your comment there, but I was SHOCKED at a) how many comments there were, b) how LONG so many of the comments are- don't these people have a life of their own?, and c) the fact that some woman wrote Kate a poem about the show.

I'm totally disgusted by this and other shows that toss innocent children on TV, consequences be damned. John & Kate should be ashamed of themselves.