Thursday, April 30, 2009

The tale of the $1.56 jeans

We all know that times are tough. It's especially evident when in the course of one day I lose the match portion of my 401(k) and Chrysler plans to file for bankruptcy. But even during tough economic times, it's still not socially acceptable to stroll about without pants.

That is why, as I rushed through Target yesterday to get a package of diapers which will soon be full of pee and poop, I stopped to scope out what sort of trendy threads were on clearance in the store's men's department.

It's a little know fact that I can never have enough denim. I wear jeans at least five days a week. It's a perk of my job that I haven't yet had to sell my soul and sport dress pants and I like at least that part. Comfortable and stylish jeans are hard to come by. Levi's, in general, suck in both departments. Even though they are manufactured in China, they are still tops in quality. The best part about Target is that they sell a made-just-for-them label of Levi's that are actually more stylish than standard off-the-rack Levi's at JC Penney or Kohl's stores.

I rummaged through a small pile of denim which was a mix of Mossimo, Merona and Levi's jeans and grabbed three pairs - one of each brand - all in my size.

The first one, Merona, were too loose.

The second pair, Mossimo, were too tight.

The third pair, Levi's, were just right.

(and if you're wondering my size, it's 33/34x34 - no, I'm not square)

I don't have to elaborate any more on this painfully boring story to tell you that the Levi's were 75% off the 75% off price bringing them down to the price of a 20 oz. bottle of soda - $1.56. When the hell was the last time you paid under two bucks for an actual brand name item of clothing?

Why go to a museum when you can see photos of the same quality at MinnPics? Go. Now. Or a kitten will die.


Hammer said...

I've been buying my Wranglers for 11.99 per pair at Walmart...and I thought I was doing good.

BRB going to Target.

Beth said...

Sounds like a Goldilocks and The Three Bears story...

And I have never paid under $2.00 for a brand name item of clothing!

spleeness said...

I'm going, I'm going! Put the kitten down!