Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The stupidity of beauty pageants

Is she really as stupid as she seemed? Does Miss California give beauty pageants (yes, Miss USA is a beauty, not scholarship, pageant) a bad name. Does she give the USA a bad name as she could have been the U.S. representative in the pageant nobody watches - the Miss Universe pageant.

It's for reasons like this that I hate pageants. These women/girls/brain-dead bimbos lack basic conversational skills that will eventually lead them down a road to acting in b-movies or cheap porn. And on that note, who the hell buys porn any more? Isn't that why the internet was invented? Communicating and sharing knowledge was just sort of an accident.

Oh well, at least the whole topic of gay marriage has given Perez Hilton a second fifteen minutes of undeserved fame.


Hammer said...

She knew the gay question was in the list had had a chance to review it. She said she hoped that she wouldn't be asked about gay marriage.

Then why in the heck would she choose Perez Hilton to ask her a question?

Smells like she is trying to extend her 15 minutes or she really is that stupid.

Bill Roehl said...

I just don't understand why it's such a polarizing issue. If someone standing up there was asked, "do you think African-Americans should be allowed to vote," do you really believe that they would respond the same way that this woman did about gay marriage?


I was raised in a home that was prejudiced in many ways especially against those of color and those that choose a homosexual lifestyle. While I was raised that way I still don't think it's any of OUR business to tell someone else how they should live.

In MY country you do as you damn well please. That's what freedom means.

James said...

CNN had this on yesterday and my first thought was..."What they couldn't get a better judge than a lame gossip blogger?"