Wednesday, April 01, 2009

St. Cloud afraid of wind turbines

After battling through rules and regulations for four long years, a St. Cloud, Minnesota property owner finally has approval to build his own wind turbine. It benefits not only his own electric bill but the rest of the electric grid as his turbine would produce just shy of 39.5kw of energy.

However, the opposition he faced would be enough to make an interested person wonder whether or not all the hassle is worth it. The biggest hurdle was people complaining about the 120 foot tall turbine obstructing their view. Their view of what? The story did little to elaborate on that aspect but in rural areas of Minnesota the "view" consists mainly of corn fields and trees. And there are ways of not being obstructed by a white metal pole a couple feet in diameter. For instance, moving to one side of the turbine's pole would return you to a supposedly unobstructed view of whatever it is you are attempting to peer at.

These petty obstructionists are the very reason this country will have one hell of a hard time moving forward. We are stuck in neutral because people are afraid of change. It's why the Digital Television (DTV) transition date was postponed. It's why we burn billions of gallons of oil per year. It's why you need a permit to add a damn light switch. Wake up, dolts, we have millions of gawdy cell phone towers that offer up endless convenience so why choose to bitch about a wind turbine?

MinnPics actually finds photos of wind turbines appealing, check it out today.


Hammer said...

They have the new low profile ones that look sit upright and spin like a turbine no matter which way the wind is blowing.

They are about 8grand but I'm sure it would be hell fighting a neighborhood assosiation to get one.

Noodleman said...

I could understand opposition in an urban setting (primarily from noise) but out in the sticks ...?