Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Is "swine" flu in Minnesota?

First off, the swine flu name is misleading and secondly it is apparently in Minnesota. According to a rather vague article in the Star-Tribune, a teen at a Cold Spring, Minnesota middle school is sick with something at least resembling the "swine" flu. It, the, can onle be a matter of time before genius governor Tim Pawlenty circles the city of Cold Spring with the few remaining National Guardsmen who aren't in Afghanistan or Iraq. Well, at least they could circle a city block or two.

More important is what a coincidence it is that this outbreak has happened under the watch of a Democratic president. According to everyone's favorite source of just short of accurate information, Michele Bachmann, Barack Obama - like 70s predecessor Jimmy Carter, is responsible for this outbreak.

Hey, what this batshit-crazy woman says is the damn gospel so it must be true. But wait, that flu outbreak in the 70s actually happened while Gerald Ford was president so maybe Bachmann is wrong. Maybe...

Stay happy and visit MinnPics because photos have an amazing immune system.

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