Thursday, April 09, 2009

Interesting website idea #89 - all about poo

Now that I'm done with heavy topics for the day, I can get back to what's important. Poop. More specifically - websites about poop. In this era of social networking and sharing (or oversharing) everyone has a scheme in mind. Twitter, Facebook, MySpace... each has its purpose. Then there's Flickr - it does its task - sharing photos - quite well. But Twitter and Flickr are broad websites. The future is all about niche publishing/sharing.

That's why I present you with shitter.

What the world needed was a quick-share website about all things bathroom. I can see the flood of posts now.

"Just dropped off a 14 incher. It hurt. Alot."

"Flooded the crapper in stall two, penguin walked to stall three to finish"

"Caught up on magazine reading, paint began peeling."

It's the next logical step in the sharing of every moment of our lives for all the world to read. Give shitter a home and some funding to get it off the ground. It's a surefire goldmine.

While things take a decided lowbrow turn in these parts, MinnPics continues its never-ending quest for quality photos taken in Minnesota. Check it out today.


Bill Roehl said...

This is my favorite post of the year.

Aaron said...

Related video:

Crazy Lady said...


James said...

I think I'd only use that once...and it would read: "Yep...doesn't stink!"

Renaissance Woman said...

LOL...thanks for the laugh.

spleeness said...

ha! Someone's working on this:

spleeness said...

oops, here it is, linkable: Irritable Colon, on Twitter