Monday, April 20, 2009

How did you spend your weekend?

A couple tons of mulch. That's what my weekend boils down to in the simplest of terms.

It had been over two years since I sparsely mulched our yard's landscaping with brown wood mulch and frankly it was beginning to look like shit. I don't like my yard looking like shit and my old lady definitely doesn't like our yard looking like shit.

It's one of those never-ending battles. We have to set aside entire weekends to clean up what, on the outside, appears to be tiny messes but upon further inspection turn out to be epic disasters. Yesterday, which was a perfectly dreary and cool day, seemed well fit for that indoor maintenance. So we tore apart the contents of the office closet. We shredded half a decade's worth of old bank statements. We made room for the still-boxed high chair for The Youngling and filled our garbage cart.

I cleaned up the mouse poo remnants of our early-spring rodent infestation (11 caught) and furter sealed tiny holes which seemed to be the source of the little bastards. And The Youngling cooperated. She slept when she needed to and was awake when she wanted to be.

Sure, I hate cleaning up messes as much as anybody else but I have to admit that having just a couple areas of our ramshackle villa tidied up feels like a huge accomplishment.

So, what did you do with your weekend?

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justacoolcat said...

Where did you get all the mulch from?

I need to do the same thing.