Tuesday, April 07, 2009

El bano

If you drop one off in the men’s room that smells like a digested but full ash tray, have the damn decency to spray the air freshener sitting on the vanity.

The men’s restroom at my office smells like hard-boiled eggs - and not in a good way.

Our restroom at work smells like a long-haul trucker whose diet has consisted of nothing but uncooked canned chili just shit for the first time since Labor Day and did so in the floor drain. Please, use some air freshener next time. It’s right there on the counter.

These are the archived Random Thoughts I've shared on my other blog (to your right) in the past few months pertaining to the restroom at my office. The reason leads us to the upcoming unveiling of yet another interesting website idea. Stew on that for a while.

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spleeness said...

wow, that's hot. Tell me more.