Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The "best of" that nobody notices

Maybe that headline is a bit harsh but each year it seems that Minneapolis alt-weekly City Pages pounds yet another nail in its coffin of credibility by releasing its yearly Best of the Twin Cities list.

In fact, I had forgotten about it until WCCO reporter Jason DeRusha's tweet showed up stating that he had once again been shunned.

Regardless of its rather dated nature, I usually peruse it - particularly the media section and at least this year they got a couple things correct.

I expect a ton of gloating Wednesday from KFAN host Dan Cole after he pulled down the award for Best Sports Radio Host. He makes the mundane culture of Minnesota sports tolerable with his relentless mocking of both the teams and fans who throw their full support behind the sub-par franchises who call Minnesota home. His show is weird, sometimes painful but always entertaining because of his relative disdain for sports but he is also vastly knowledgeable about the topics he mocks. He does a good schtick.

I'm sure, though, that City Pages could have named someone better for Best TV Newscaster than FOX 9's Alix Kendall. The cute little dog and pony show they put on for four hours each weeday morning reminds me of a bad version of "Wake Up San Francisco" from Full House and with the channel letting Tim Sherno walk away a few years back, they are dead to me. Factor in that I remember Alix Kendall reportin on the commodity markets (pork bellies, lambs, ewes, etc.) back in the day for KAAL-TV in Austin, MN and my disdain for the petite anchor only grows.

At least City Pages has the balls to name crazy congresswoman Michele Bachmann as the best villain. Maybe villain should be reserved for people better than her. What's worse than a villain?


Jeff said...

Our paper did a pretty scathing opinion piece on Bachmann the other day.


She truly is a scary person.

MJ said...

Worse than a villain... Satan's spawn? I dunno.