Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bedbugs are a real bitch in the 'burbs

After reading a post on MPR's News Cut, I might rethink the phrase "Sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite."

Bedbugs are such a tremendous problem that the EPA is holding a summit on the tiny, blood-sucking critters in Washington, DC. Hopefully we know to be wary of the cleanliness of certain motels. I tend to stay far away from the roadside variety that look like a great place to hook up with your latest Craigslist casual encounter or to dice up an enemy but even the cleanest appearing suites are sometimes infested.

Check out The Bedbug Registry and poke around some. Here's some excerpts from places in the Twin Cities reported to have bedbugs...

620 Gorman St
Shakopee, MN 55379-2609
I noticed a really ugly rash appearing on me sometime in August 2008... We also kept noticing blood and black/brown little stains on the sheet too... they are bad in third world countries which makes sense for the Hunter's Ridge Apts where we live... furniture in the garbage frequently too - of which other residents scavenge and bring back inside...

Holiday Inn Express Minneapolis Dwtn (Conv Ctr)
225 S 11th Ave, #55403
Minneapolis, MN 55415-1218
I observed a bug in my bed... had my home exterminated twice, purchased the mattress covers and am still living out of plastic bags... live in central South Dakota, so you see, even 5 or 600 miles away, word travels fast.

2525 Harriet Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55405-3456
...then he found the bugs... very gross and freaked me out... the property is owned by persaud properties and they refused to do any work to fix the problem, a real slum lord.

So that led me to ponder what the most disgusting thing is that you have ever found in an apartment or hotel room? My worst was a whole shit-ton of moth balls in the bottom of a closet. The smell never left. Thankfully I've never had bug infestations outside of two mice in a suburban Minneapolis apartment.

If creepy-crawlies are not your thing, scope out MinnPics where there's plenty of majestic wildlife, cool events and colorful places captured in amazing photographs around Minnesota.


Nick said...

We were on vacation in Sheridan Wyo when my 3-year-old daughter found some appealing red capsules under the bed (laxative suppositories, loose and looking like large jelly beans) and I had to pry them out of her mouth. But that was nothing compared to the guy at the (late, lamented) Falls Motel near Minnehaha Falls in Mpls who finally looked under his bed in the morning after being bothered by a foul odor:
Dead Body Under the Bed.

spleeness said...

This first example isn't that disgusting but the second example is.

1. I found a package of ho-ho's smeared on the ceiling of my bedroom closet upon moving in.

2. The house hubby and I bought was infested with cat piss, cave crickets (hideous spider-like things), and the ducts were filled with cat vomit. Moving in was so much fun, let me just tell you.

I put up pics of the cat piss removal event but was too exhausted to document everything else.

spleeness said...

omg!!! I just read Nick's comment. [shudder] holy cow, I cannot even imagine how awful that would be.