Monday, April 13, 2009

25 random things

Because I'm almost always late to the party and hate web memes, I thought that there wouldn't be a better time than a few months after the fury surrounding the "25 Random Things" which dominated Facebook and blogs had totally died down.

Here are my 25 random things. Mock at will.

1. I've had gray hair since I was 19.

2. One of my weirdest dreams was me being chased by a Hardee's Roast Beef sandwich.

3. I get angry when around shoppers at Wal-Mart.

4. My daughter's middle name is from my grandma.

5. My caffeine addiction is bad but is limited to one can of Coke per day.

6. I've never worked in retail and hope I never have to, I'd scare customers away.

7. I read alot, just not in the way of books.

8. The amount of music I have is scary, 500+ CDs and almost 15,000 individual tracks in my iTunes library.

9. My goal for 2009 is to paint the house.

10. I use humor to lighten tense moments.

11. I'm a huge multitasker.

12. I'm terrible with names. I forget people's names almost instantly.

13. My memory is terrible.

14. Tacos are where it's at. Factor in BBQ and Pizza and it's the perfect diet.

15. I suck at staying in touch with friends.

16. Shoveling the driveway is like a mini-vacation sometimes.

17. I consider myself very open-minded but am guilty of stereotyping some people.

18. I live my life with Post-It notes.

19. I have never drank coffee.

20. I want to live in the country but closer to the cities.

21. People who don't use their turn signals should be put in jail.

22. On my desk there are about 2,000 pages of software tutorials which I have completed in the past year.

23. There are four computer mice on my desk at work.

24. I secretly like winning awards. It validates my work.

25. Believe it or not, I'd rather listen than speak.

And photos are better than words which explains MinnPics.


Hammer said...

I'm on board with #21 plus many others.

Beth said...

Glad you did it! Your 25 random things are fascinating - and some are funny.
I can relate to #18 but not #19!

spleeness said...

This was really interesting. That's a huge amount of documentation, way to go for productivity!

I had gray at 19 too. I like that. It meant I didn't have to associate it with age.

buffalodick said...

Good stuff- You ain't as different as you think...

wadE said...

Sornie, you left a comment on my blog a couple years ago (about the demise of Drive 105) and as I was re-reading that post I hopped out to your site... based on your 25 random things, we may be long lost brothers as I think I would agree with all but three of them (I only have one mouse on my desk, two if you count the open laptop on a docking station). Lastly... how do I sign up for shitter? :-D