Monday, March 09, 2009

The world needs more tornado movies

I came to this not-so-brilliant realization last Thursday before I fell asleep shortly after 9 PM while watching Twister on TBS. The tornado movie is a highly underserved cinema genre. We've had dozens of movies about vampires (the recent Twilight movie comes to mind) and movies about storms in general such as the rather shitty The Day after Tomorrow and one from the 90s about a shit-ton of rain but in 15-plus years we haven't had another tornado movie.

Oh, sure, Sci-Fi had the less-than-brilliant Atmoic Twister starring Zak from Saved by the Bell. I don't even need to explain the ridiculous premise for that flick. It sucked because it seemed to unfold in real time and anyone from Canada to Texas knows that tornados do not take two hours to strike. You may have twenty minutes but nobody knows for sure if it wil or won't strike the area's nuclear power plant. The whole movie was flawed but because it was winter in Minnesota and it was Sunday, I sat through the whole damn thing a couple weekends ago. Rather than change the channel, I had to watch. I felt compelled to see how truly terrible Atomic Twister was going to be and you know what, I wasn't let down. It was truly an abortion on the small screen. But it set the wheels in motion for my realization that we need more tornado movies. Whether they be absurd, comical, dramatic or pornographic in nature it's a weather phenomenon who's time has come.

Minnesota's storm season is just around the corner and MinnPics had cool storm photos last year and there will be new ones this year too!


buffalodick said...

A tornado is nothing to chase, or make light of! Once you've seen limbs(not branches or twigs!) flying over your head- you start to realize -it ain't star gazing.. Theses shows where people chase them cracks me up... Put yourself in harms way, and guess what happens- sooner or later..

Stephanie Faris said...

I agree. We need more tornado movies. Twister was a little...well...hokey. There was a phase in the 90s where disaster movies were the big thing...and then it was over.

snowelf said...

I think Twister needed zombies.