Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Is this good journalism?

Being that Lazy Lightning featured the Rosemount/Apple Valley/No-Man's-Land-south-of-Eagan-and-east-of-Burnsville version of a Sun Newspapers video report (which is better than this one), I thought I'd unearth one from the other side of the metro. This version from E.P. shows an unblinking journalist who has no business being in front of a camera. I'm sure he's a very capable print journalist but that doesn't always translate to other mediums. Relax and have some fun with it and I'll check things out again in a couple months.

At least Sun News is keeping their video short but some personality and blinking rather than staring would help. In short, the length of the video is great and if some personality (a la StribTV) was interjected you might garner some additional views.

Ahh, much better.

Now that I've criticized a local media outlet, check out MinnPics and feel free to constructively criticize its format but heap praise on the photos because the photographers behind them are fabulous.

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