Friday, February 27, 2009

White House Watermelon Email Proves Even Californians are Idiots

Have you heard the one about the White House not having an Easter Egg Hunt this year? Oh, well it's because the Obama family has planted the White House lawn to watermelons. Yep, a black man loves watermelons. Oh, some people are so fucking funny. What, are people that come up with this shit from my in-laws' family?I guess as long as people feel the need to make stupid jokes and have racist relatives this kind of crap will continue. Luckily I never had this sort of influence growing up. I had black friends as far back as elementary school and those two kids felt very much out of place in our ultra-white town. Sad jokes like Barack Obama planting the White House lawn to watermelons make me angry. I know that it's just some inbred hick's attempt at a joke but to dredge up painful stereotypes from many decades ago proves to me that this supposedly enlightened era we are in has a long way to go.

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spleeness said...

Isn't that awful? It wasn't that long ago that I didn't even know what it meant, I hadn't ever even heard of these sick analogies. When I finally did realize this, I just felt ill. How stupid.

Beth said...

There are some who will never be enlightened. Nevertheless, progress is made despite them.

James said...

At least the guy quit. He could have said that he was suggesting they plant a victory garden at the White House.