Friday, February 06, 2009

It's Inventory Reduction Clearance time!!!

Like anyone else, the economy is taking its toll on me. We've seen stores going out of business across the country. I took advantage of the Steve & Barry's in Burnsville, Minnesota shutting its doors to get my hands on 80 or so wooden hangers for 20 cents each. Earlier in the month of December I scoped out the bankrupt Linens 'n Things but found only odds and ends that they were unable to bargain on. Everyone's doing it. The jewelry store in Burnsville Center where my wedding band came from recently went out of business after about 6 months of inventory reduction/store closing sales. So much for them standing behind that lifetime warranty.

Even blogs aren't safe. I have a glut of inventory and no takers (or time) to move it out the doors. So I'm announcing today my very own inventory reduction sale. Every topic must GO!!! I've got old topics, new topics, odd topics, stupid topics. Express your interest in the topic(s) of your choice and I'll hand it over - no questions asked!!!

Is this the end? Will A Day in the Life be shutting its doors? Will this sale save my business model and pull me out of the dire financial situation I find myself in?

Whatever the case, MinnPics is actually adding inventory each day. Quality, American-made photos that you can believe in because they are hand-picked and captured by the best of the best. Visit today!

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Beth said...

Maybe you're eligible for a bail-out???