Monday, February 16, 2009

Hey, let's just bury the carbon

Burning coal is dirty business. It's so dirty that our government has decided to invest nearly $100 million in a project to bury carbon.

But carbon is a gas, right?

Yep. But the plan is to pump the sequestered gas far under the surface of the Earth under multiple layers of stone and such. All for the initial price of $84 million for one well about a mile deep.

If it sounds like a rip-off, it's because it is. The cost for one "well" is insane.

It's also rather short-sighted. It's like burying your garbage in your backyard because if it's out of sight, it's out of mind, right?

Well, the problem with carbon, as I understand it, is that it rises. It sounds perfectly fine to bury a few million cubic feet of carbon below where we live but who can guarantee that it will stay in one place? Carbon isn't exactly a roll of quarters. If these short-sighted jackasses weren't aware, gasses have a tendency to move.

Hell, read the article and ask yourself if the plan to bury our waste sounds good. To me it sounds too much like making the planet more of a landfill than it already is.

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