Tuesday, February 17, 2009

DQ's not so good deal

Never mind that City Pages, a sorry excuse for local journalism, has already knocked on the door of a Dairy Queen topic. There's more to it that the writer, whose memory may be short, didn't cover. (And yes, their Sweet Deals menu does suck) I'm talking about their cheeseburger deal.

Dairy Queen recently began running television ads featuring two cheeseburgers for $2.99 or two double cheeseburgers for $3.99. It's a solid deal during these financially barren times. Where else could you grab a couple dblchzbrgrs for just shy of four bucks?

How about from Dairy Queen (video of commercial) mere months ago? Yep, their Cheeseburger Lovers deal featured a $2.22/$3.33 offer as recent as this past autumn. I think it even ran into the early winter months (November?).

Yes, the difference is less than a buck but when you're touting a supposedly fabulous deal when the remnants of the previous deal featuring the same food is still rather prominent on your own Facebook page, you might want to either remove that particular video or matching the former sale price. After all, the raw material cost for cheese has dropped dramatically in the past few months. Is honesty thrown out the window in the realm of restaurant marketing?

Am I alone in noticing this or calling DQ out on their dishonest pricing?

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