Monday, February 02, 2009

Crazy octuplet mom to sell story for $2 million

One thng both sticking in my craw (ouch) and dominating the news as of late is that crazy bitch in California who gave birth to octuplets. It seemed like a touching story. At first. Then came the information about her already having six kids. Six plus eights equals fourteen; if you're counting.

Then the fact that this woman (Nadya Suleman) wanted to keep her identity secret. It seemed suspicious. But wait a couple days and some dumbass magazine is willing pony up $2 million for the exclusive rights to her story.

Well, I'll save you the hassle of dropping $3.50 for a copy of People and spoil the story. This divorced mother of six now living with her parents because of bankruptcy is also characterized as mentally unstable. Even her mother characterized her as "obsessed with children".

The real problem here is that modern medicine allower her to receive fertility treatments even though she had no present fertility problems. Did those treatments include a sperm donor or did this crazy woman find some random guy to sex her up old school style too in an effort to complete her bizarre plan?

I, for one, can't wait to support her little army of kids via my tax dollars because she is "obsessed with children". Someone needs to physically remove her uterus before she spawns any more kids to further satisfy her obsession.

On a kinder and more sane note, MinnPics is home to great photography and devoid of any obsessions, except bacon.


Jacki said...

She's divorced? I thought she was never married. Geez...can't any of these internet gossip sites get their facts together??

The whole story doesn't' make sense. If she were bankrupt, where did the money come from to get implanted? And why would doctors do that knowing she had so many other kids, and was mentally unstable??

I feel sorry for her children.

MJ said...

I volunteer myself to handle this problem by way of spork.