Friday, February 20, 2009

Buy me a chef's hat

What's the most logical thing to do at 9 PM on a Thursday night when both you and your wife are crazy-hungry? Make brownies, of course.

That's jsut what I planned on doing as I tore through those cupboards that are too high up to reach from the floor. You know the ones. Hanging precariously from the ceiling above the refrigerator. Perfect for squirreling stuff away that you rarely need and often times forget even existed. I call those cupboards the baking cupboards. They're usually full of a random selection of cake mixes I snatch up with coupons and boxes of brownie mix I find on clearance at Target. This was a surefire thing. Brownies had to exist here.

Except that they didn't. The brownie mix had vanished. Likely mixes into actual brownies, baked, consumed, pooped out and flushed away. I would have to improvise.

That's when, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed the Betty Crocker Cooky Book stuffed beside the microwave. Surely I could find some sort of recipe that would tide us over in here.

Bam. Homemade brownies. Sure, my old lady has her own tried and true recipe for homemade brownies from her mom but I'm always up for trying something new. That is, after all, why we have a sex swing. So I dirtied up a corner of the kitchen melting margarine and chocolate chips and stirring the batter together.

35 minutes later, after some cooling time, we had brownies that were the perfect consistency, sweet and chocolatey. I'm still alive today which means that the eggs were fully cooked and free of salmonella and if I can stay awake through the day on the 5 1/2 hours of sleep I got I'll be having a couple more brownies later today.

Hooray for brownies. Now where's my damn chef hat?

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James said...

So if you got the recipe from Betty Crocker, I'm guessing it was missing the most crucial ingredient...

Next time, a recipe from High Times.

Sornie said...

Oh, the special ingredient was in there.


Jeff said...

Don't think I didn't notice you tagged this post with "sex." They were that good huh?

The Doozie said...

Will you be sharing this recipe? I would advise that you share it, in order to prevent your untimely death

Beth said...

Post your recipe - with the exact amounts necessary for every ingredient.

Anna Lefler said...

Oh, YUM. If I ate my own impromptu brownies, I'd be heaving right now.

Yup, those are my cooking skills.

Good on you!

:^) Anna

snowelf said...

Props to you, Sornie! You knew just how to handle a brownie emergency. I had a similar chocolate cream pie crisis once. :)


Jacki said...

A sex swing, huh?

Whiskeymarie said...

I've been using that same recipe for about 28 years (god, I'm old). They really are the perfect brownie.