Monday, February 09, 2009

Blink 182 back together

Not long ago, I lamented the breakup of pop punk outfit Blink 182. I grew up with this band as I discovered them in high school and their immature lyrics sort of defined a generation. Then in 2004 they unceremoniously broke up to the single of Not Now from their greatest hits album. A video consisting of clips of concert footage and earlier videos definitely signifies the end.

However, after two or three years and each of the three members branching out and having their own mildly successful projects, they announced at last evening's Grammy Awards that the band is back together.

The reason I'm mentioning this is because I'm a huge fan of Blink 182. I'm also mentioning it because two or three years in today's time is equal to about two decades of real time. Now who else do you know in the realm of music that broke up only to re-emerge successfully years later? Well, yeah, The Eagles did it but because their brand of soft 70s rock spanned an entire generation because it was safe enough that it achieved mainstream success. Sure, Blink 182 achieved mainstream pop radio and MTV success in the late 90s thanks to the original American Pie movie but then music changed. Pop punk was out and rap metal was in. Each niche genre had its fifteen minutes but I don't hear the masses clamoring for a Limp Bizkit reunion.

Best of luck Blink 182 but the music biz has changed and while your core group of fans who grew up to your music will likely be interested in a rebirth of the band you'll have to walk a fine line between keeping that core group of fans who will support your new music and attracting additional fans who will grow up with a new generation of Blink 182 tunes.

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i am playing outside said...

i am so very excited. i LOVE Blink 182 and was very upset when they broke up. they will definitely have me back.

MJ said...

Oh man. I used to LOVE them. My friends and I overheard one of their songs in a restaurant the other day, and we all just started belting it out (to the stares of neighboring tables).

James said...

In the metal press, I hear that Limp Bizkit is doing the reunion thing, but Wes Borland isn't completely on board. Which is fine with me, cuz Limp Bizkit sucks!

One band I'd like to see reunite is Kyuss, although I'm not sure Josh Homme could recreate the Kyuss sound. I bet he tossed all his pedals.