Thursday, January 08, 2009

What would you do?

Because I can do what I want, I will.

That's sort of the essence of free will. If I feel like stopping at the edge of a steep hill in my car, throwing the green monster in neutral, climbing out and pushing the bucket of bolts over the edge and laughing maniacally as I watch it careen down the side of the hill all the while hitting rocks and trees as I wait for movie special effects to take over and waiting for to it burst into flames because if it happens in movies it must happen real life just because I can, that's my choice. Sure there are repercussions with any action but if I do it I must be willing to accept those repercussions.

It's just like writing a profanity in gas on the sidewalk in front of your house, lighting it on fire and noticing a police car coming around the corner. You had better act fast or chances are you'll be spending some time explaining why the word "fuck" is burning on your sidewalk. Stomp swiftly or pay the price.

Of course my ultimate dilemma today is whether or not to climb my desk and take a nap. A siesta sounds rather tempting today as I am being beaten down with a cold which has lingered for a week and was awake at 4:59 AM (I saw my alarm clock's display) after finally crawling in to bed around 11:30 PM. The baby's internal clock seems to be broken.

I already know the answer to my dilemma but what would you do? Soldier on or grab your blankie and catch some Zzzzzs?

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Balou said...

I work from home. I have a chair in my office. It reclines. It has a name. It is called "the napping chair." Shortest. Sentences. Ever.

spleeness said...

What would I do? Sleep. I never fight through it when the urge hits that bad, it's not even physically possible. I've only had to visit the nurse's office like twice with fatigue so bad I had to lay down but it helped me get through the rest of the day.

One of Dilbert's readers wrote in a trick to catch some zzz's: throw a bunch of paperclips on the floor and lay your head down on your desk, hand dangling in the paper clip pile. When someone comes in, just pretent you're picking them up. lol

Hope you feel better... life is hard on new parents this way, you deserve some leeway.