Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Reflective and optimistic

Have we now moved to a place in time where we can look beyond the fear about what tomorrow will bring and begin to work toward a better future? That's one of the positions I am taking away from Barack Obama's Inaugural Address. It's time that we should move beyond the greed and blind profit-taking that has gotten us to this place. As a country, reality tells us that we need to stop our damn bickering. Comedic prodding of our nation's leaders will always have its place but the outright negativity (which I commented on yesterday) that so many people listen to and believe in so vehemently needs to take a back seat. The divisiveness needs to end and apparently at least 2 million people are on board in believing that the nation's 44th president, Barack Obama, is just the man for the job.

Realistically, a lot of weight is being placed on the presidnet's shoulders and if we emerge from 2009 even a sliver better than many are predicting the economy, unemployment and people's perception of America's health and strength to be at that time then Obama may be viewed as a success. If even a shred of prosperity returns and a recovery of sorts begins, then Obama will be seen by many as a messiah. I don't envy the amount of pressure people are placing on this man's shoulders because with such lofty expectations, even the best of leaders would be set up for total failure. However, Obama is poised, by virtue of his cabinet choices, to unite all but the most extreme elected officials who run this country.

For once, even on a day filled with yet more media layoffs on the local front, I am optimistic. I am actually charged up to tackle things rather than sitting back and watching the world go by and go to hell in a handbasket.

What about you? What is your mood as we seem to enter a new era in America's history?

If you haven't seen enough coverage of today's Presidential Inauguration, check out MinnPics for the cream of the crop in presidential photos.


Memarie Lane said...

I'm not sure whether to feel sorry for him or be envious. Personally I'm a lot more scared about the situation than I thought I would be.

Renaissance Woman said...

I am full of hope! And am proud of new President...and I believe in change. It's time.

Beth said...

I'm full of hope too, but damn, I wouldn't want his job for all the money in the world.

Beth said...

I'm full of hope too, but damn, I wouldn't want his job for all the money in the world.

Hapi said...

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spleeness said...

my mood is still extremely optimistic. I hope I get back my retirement portfolio though. It has tanked and as of now, I'll be dead before I can afford to retire.