Thursday, January 01, 2009

The points, finally explained

I've referred to points here from time to time. Like any in-house currency, they are actually of value (when enough are amassed). And expect more points more frequently as I attempt to stimulate the points economy.

But rather than bore you with the details of what the points are good for, I've finally gotten around to tackling the logistics of the elusive A Day in the Life Official Membership & Points Card because a picture is worth a million words. It's rather official in appearance and, as the flip side of the card shows, I've opted for magnetic strip technology rather than antiquated bar codes. It's handy and luckily for me it stores all kinds of personal data like your social security number, your height and weight, your tenth grade gym locker combination and your favorite kind of pudding.

But wait, it's more than a single-use membership card. It also works as your driver's license. It functions as your official NRA membership card. It contains an ultra-slim 2 megapixel digital camera and it also functions as a Chinese throwing star if you ever find yourself in the midst of a ninja attack.

It's the only card you'll ever need to carry.
If photos of actual substance are your thing, I suggest checking out the offerings at MinnPics. It's where Minnesota photography lives.


spleeness said...

ooh! sign me up. The local crabhouse near me is having a pudding contest but you only win if you can document flavors eaten, yay!

i am playing outside said...

i. would. love. to. sign. up. THAT CARD IS GORGEOUS!

Sornie said...

Feel free to print it our, tape (or glue if that's your game) that bad boy together and maybe it will actually be of some use. Or not. Whatever the case, I like hearing my work called gorgeous.