Monday, January 19, 2009

Limbaugh: I hope Obama fails

World to Rush Limbaugh: get off your high horse.

I know what his politics are. I know what his plans are, as he has stated them.
I don't want them to succeed.

If I wanted Obama to succeed, I'd be happy the Republicans have laid down. (more)

To flat out wish failure on someone is the epitome of negativity. It's something that has divided this country for the past decade and beyond. Politics, unfortunately, are about divisiveness and to have someone like Rush Limbaugh who is listened to by apparently millions of Americans every day further dividing the nation is unnecessary. To like or dislike someone based purely on what they stand for is a fine line but to judge the person before he or she has taken any action or implemented their plans simply wreaks of bitterness.

Now that I've said that, I'm stepping off my soapbox and trying to figure out why ESPN, supposedly a sports station, is broadcasting the inauguration of Barack Obama tomorrow.

If you're fed up or disinterested in politics, head over to MinnPics for fabulous photos from snow-covered Minnesota.


i am playing outside said...

you don't understand why a sports network is airing Obama's inauguration?

1. no one will be watching ANYTHING ELSE tomorrow, so they might as well try to grab a few viewers.

2. there was an underdog, a hard-fought battle, and many-a-montage. a sports network is the perfect home!

Whiskeymarie said...

Rush Limbaugh is a hateful, mean-spirited, sorry excuse for a man that likes to make his fat self feel better by dragging others down. I wish he'd just fall off the planet.

-end rant.

Bill Roehl said...

If Obama fails, we all fail and that could possibly bring us down further than we are now -- something which I cannot fathom wanting to happen to our country.

That said, my 84 year old grandmother told me today (this is censored), "It's as if tomorrow he will wave a magic wand and all the problems our nation faces will immediately be erased and all will be well again. I wish these people would just sit down and shut up already."

Renaissance Woman said...

Oh Rush...just can't seem to pull himself together. If it were McCain as the new President, Rush would be offended and enraged to hear somebody wish failure upon the new President. But because it's Obama that seems to make sense to him.

If this President fails...we fail. Regardless of what your political view is, I think almost any idiot gets that basic fact. Any idiot obviously excluding Rush. I hope for success. I embrace history rolling out in front of our eyes. I embrace the idea and just plain hope for change. And maybe I should say...I hope Rush is made to eat those worlds publically!

snowelf said...

Rush is a good example of the close mindedness that got us into this mess. No one--not McCain or Obama or anyone is going to be able to pull us back out of this sinking desolation immediately. Things are never going to be "perfect" in anyone's eyes, but at the same time, there is definitely room for improvement and a little teamwork and supportiveness goes a long way.