Monday, January 12, 2009

Important things

We are surrounded by important things every day. Think of all those necessities that we seemingly take for granted. Nobody takes time out of their hectic day to appreciate the most basic things in our lives anymore because we're too obsessed with who some dipship bachelor is going to give a rose too.

However, in the first part of an ongoing series, I am going to examine the underappreciated items in our lives and explain why they deserve at least some passing recognition.

The first item: CHAIRS

Where would se sit without them? Would we all pull up a beanbag to the office conference table? How unprofessional would that look to a bunch of Japanese investors? "Oh, look at the stupid Americans sitting on puffy fabric-covered ball, ha ha ha."

It would pretty damn stupid. Not to mention painful because while it's nice to lean back and relax for a spell, it's also of the utmost importance to have good posture. Without healthy posture, your spine will turn to the consistency of spaghetti and having a spaghetti spine will eventually lead to having linguini arms and from there, ravioli brains aren't too far off.

No matter what the style of chair is that you prefer, take time out to admire its beauty and sturdy craftsmanship. I'll go one step further and say that today, January 12, should be chair appreciation day because chairs deserve some recognition too.

If something less nonsensical is more to your liking, may I suggest MinnPics. Big photos from skilled photographers focusing on cool topics. It's a winner.


Beth said...

You draw like I do!
(I'm appreciating my computer chair at this very moment.)

Jacki said...

It take it drawing is not your talent.

buffalodick said...

I once saw the president of a major steel corporation fall out of a chair...sooner or later, we all sit upon the Earth.

Countess B said...

Ahhhhh chairs...something everyone takes for granted....maybe to go along with the chairs we should also be thankful for knees, so that we don't have to sit stiff legged upon said chairs.

I shall say a prayer for both.....Amen.

i am playing outside said...

actually i LOVE chairs, so i'm constantly admiring them. i'm weird like that.

Whiskeymarie said...

In honor of all chairs out there, I am sitting on mine naked tonight. Even chairs need a little action now and then...