Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Important things: The Tire

Not too many people think about the inner workings of their automobile as they throw the transmission into gear and depart from their driveway each day in their journey to their coal mine of choice. It might be due to modern civilization taking conveniences for granted or maybe because not too many people understand how their automobile works.

Whatever the case is, one of the more important pieces of the modern automobile (outside of the engine) are the tires. Without these magical rubber creations, your car, truck, van, SUV or lawn mower would travel on steel and that produces a rather unforgiving ride in terms of comfort. It also chews up highways and reduces fuel economy. But the tire still gets overlooked. It gets neglected because you don't check its air pressure. It wears unevenly because you're too busy with such miniscule tasks like taking care of your toddler. So the forlorn tire suffers through this neglect and it feels used.

Today's tires guide you through sunny days, rainy days, icy days and snowy days. It's alot like the mailman of your car, truck, van, semi-tractor, SUV or lawn mower. Tires aren't admired like the rest of the car. Nobody bases their purchase of a vehicle on what brand tires it's sporting. Tires are like the bottom of your shoes. You don't notice them until something goes wrong.

I will admit to cursing profusely when I encountered a flat tire on my way to the office a couple weeks back when the air temperature was -29 degrees. I then took a step back and realized that this particular tire had piloted by car for nearly 80,000 miles. I had taken it for granted up to that point but hand't neglected its maintenance.

So today, take a minute and admire the tires you own. Take your automobile through the car wash and spring for the full on tire wash treatment. Buy a can of the shiny tire cleaning foam and treat your rubber accessories to a fancy bath. Remember that tires are indeed important things.

Nobody really photographs tires unless they are attached to a shiny, chromed-out classic car but check out MinnPics because you never can tell what photos will be showcased next.


Beth said...

You hit a nerve here. I actually do fret about my tires in the winter - and bless them for getting me safely through the snow and over the ice.

People in the Sun said...

Sometimes I wish I knew everything there is to know about cars. And sometimes I don't care.

A CD got stuck in the player a couple of days ago and I almost cried, because what else are you gonna do? So tomorrow I'm taking the car to the dealer to get my CD out.

What's happened to us?

Jeff said...

This weather sucks the air out of tires AND people! Bleh.