Monday, December 29, 2008

When stores go out of business, I win

When I'm doing my Christmas shopping, I tend to lean towards bargains. When there's a sale on something that's on the list for whomever I'm buying for, I grab it because they'll think I paid double what it really cost.

This year, though, I've been hitting the going out of business sales. The first stop was Linens-N-Things. I've always liked their Burnsville, MN store and it's weird for a guy to say it but I like my house to be comfortable and that was just the place. I bought myself a clothes drying rack and the mother-in-law some ultra-plush bathroom towels which I considered buying double because they were so cheap and so damn soft. I just know I'd love drying my butt with something that soft.

The biggest score, though, was late Saturday afternoon at Burnsville Center. As my old lady bought frilly under things, I pushed MonsterStroller looking for a place to plant my ass. I inched closer to Steve & Barry's and noticed huge "GOING OUT OF BUSINESS" signs. Having only shopped there once or twice, I figured I'd check the dump out for the final time. Five t-shirts for $10 was tempting but if I want to state a message, I'll just say it. Then I hit gold. 70% off baby clothes. Even in the relatively small area they were relegated to the selection wasn't half bad - especially when you factor in their bargain basement original prices.

I grabbed a random but carefully-chosen stack of clothes there just as my old lady called wondering where I had vanished to. She strolled into the store, looked around, bought more baby clothes and we headed to the crazy-long, snaking line at the checkout.

Then I mentioned how they were even selling the hangers. Entire boxes for $20. Wood hangers. She asked "Where?" and I pointed.

All said and done we left with four bags full of stuff and paid $21. Something tells me that a cash registed inaccuracy played to our favor and that soon-to-be-unemployed retail jockey guy didn't care too much.

So, next time you mourn the loss of a store, think about people like me who come away as winners.


i am playing outside said...

i LOVE finding sales and stores closing HAHA

Jacki said...

I may have to find a Steve & Barry's location here in our area. Isn't that Sarah Jessica Parker's line of clothes?

Whiskeymarie said...

I just scored a TON of cute clothes for no money from one of my favorite online stores that is going out of business.
Boo that they won't be around anymore, yay for me.

spleeness said...

This reminds me of when hubby was buying a fancy knife somewhere, it was $11.99 but the sticker was faded and it looked like it said "$1.99."

The cashier rang it up and then said, "wait a minute, this can't possibly be $1.99!" Long pause... then, "I hate this job" and just threw it in the bag. I think he still has it till this day.

you *scored*.