Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Oh good, Jay Leno moving earlier

Beginning in Autumn of 2009, NBC will effectively axe its 10 PM (9 PM central) programming in favor of... wait for it... Jay Leno.

I was practically giddy when I heard that Conan O'Brien was taking over The Tonight Show. That meant that Jay Leno would finally be gone from TV and maybe NBC would forge ahead and become great again. Then this happens. They shutter an entire hour of scripted programming five nights per week. Fucking brilliant.

While slashing an hour of scripted programming, we could be treated to more original episodes and few to no repeats. While that dream is great, it won't likely happen because this is a cost-cutting measure for NBC and thinking that they'll run fresh episodes for 9 months per year for their remaining two hours of primetime programming is insane.

This move will either prove how few people want another hour of talk on TV or sink NBC even further in the ratings. Oh, wait, both of those scenarios are basically the same. This will sink the rusty ship that is NBC and when it fails they'll send Leno packing midway through the 2009-10 season and he'll be virtually unemployable because he tanked in primetime. So, NBC ruins Leno's career and tanks their own network all to avoid having - gasp - competition in late night.

After all of that plays out and NBC cancels three or four hours of its scripted series schedule, they'll have years of rebuilding to do and could even risk affiliates dropping NBC because that one hour Leno blunder tanked their late local newscast.

Damn you NBC, you used to be great now you are just cheap. Hooray for playing it safer than safe. Remember that when times are bad, there is the most to be gained. Apparently NBC doesn't care to be competitive, creative or take risks.

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Anonymous said...

Jay Leno is awesome.

Sornie said...

Define awesome.