Monday, December 08, 2008

MNSpeak axes, MinnPost adds content

If you aren't familiar with it, MNSpeak (which is now a part of Secrets of the City — yay for consolidation!) is a sort of new/blog conversation/aggregation website where the editor as well as the users can contribute items/topics and users hash and bash them until the topic inevitably veers off into some totally unrelated area in which the conversation is totally unrecognizable. I blame that on my generation's complete lack of focus.

Whatever the case is, MNSpeak/SOTC seems to, at least for now, be veering away from at least its previous attention paid to the Minnesota blogosphere. There was, until a couple weeks ago, a once-daily round-up of "must-reads" of local blogs. It didn't always generate a ton of conversation but it got SOTC readers to read those blog posts of note and when there was conversation, it was always interesting if not flat out heated. In my opinion, the posts chosen were very much worth reading and and that feature provided a service. Whether or not it makes a triumphant return remains to be seen but when something vanishes from one venue, another sees a niche to fill.

That's where the local non-profit news website MinnPost comes in. Writer Justin Piehowski who has a rich web background presented the first edition of Minnesota Blog Cabin. It's a weekly column featuring some gems in the Minnesota blogosphere and he promises to stay away from the politi-hate blogs. If Piehowski is as savvy of a web denizen as his bio states, then he should be getting pinged on this at any minute and hopefully he isn't looking just at standalone domains because some of us thrifty bloggers are still on blogspot and while the content right here is often-times random, schizophrenic and downright crappy; MinnPics is actually unique (well, for Minnesota - I think) and actually of some level of quality.

Now that I've bored the two out-of-staters that read this totally to tears, I have to ask... what other blogs of quality you guys read? Dish. I'm always looking for good reads.


jpiehowski said...

Hey Sornie,
Yes, I do check the blogspot posts. In fact, I hope that most of the blogs linked in my columns have .blogspot, .typepad, .wordpress in them.

BTW, I subscribed to your blog about a month ago while researching the column...Good stuff.


Sornie said...

Thanks for the info Justin. I do truly like what you are doing at MinnPost and think that you can do it to a far better degree than what the Strib was/is doing with its bloghouse feature. It doesn't seem like the big guys have quite figured out where blogs belong and what their value is.