Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cats are weird

Why? Why are cats, one of nature's most curious mammals, a part of our daily lives? Why do we allow them into our homes? They poop in a box for God's sake. It's not exactly enlightened. They shed fur at a rate that, to me, suggests that they may not even be fond of having fur. Maybe they have evolved to such a point in their existence that, like humans of many centuries ago, they are ready to live an existence free of full-on body covering fur. After all, our distant ancestors shed their furry coats many millenia ago (sans pubic hair and can that be far behind?). Why couldn't the cats of our modern times be doing the same?

Maybe some new breed of cats, specifically for living in the shelter of human domiciles, are evolving. It could come to a point where humans and domesticated felines not only are similar in the way hair covers their bodies but in their daily habits. Imagine a world where cats evolve to a point where they can fully use human toilets. Imagine Fluffy crapping in your Crane toilet and flushing away the evidence. Imagine never having to purchase dusty cat litter and never again having to scoop up clumps of piss and poop from a plastic box.

Maybe cats were put on Earth to serve a greater purpose. Maybe we've been overlooking them for far too long and while our own evolution has slowed, theirs has actually sped up. Maybe cats will one day help humans. Maybe together we'll visit Mars, solve the World's greatest problems and bring about great things.

Or maybe cats are meant to do this.

Yes, cats are meant to lick our hair. Specifically my hair. While I watch television.

Wildlife has its place and when I find amazing photos of wildlife taken by Minnesota's great photographers, you can bet your cat's fur that MinnPics will be overflowing with those cool wildlife and animal photographs.


buffalodick said...

Understanding cats or dogs begins with what Nature gave them as habits. Dogs are pack/tribe/group animals, they need to belong. Cats are not group animals, getting along as works for the moment. Cats like mint, and other aromas/flavors that trigger response. Dogs are needy, have to be a part of some group. Neither have no sense of time, but both have biological time clocks. Both groups have garnered a symbiotic relationship with man, that originated as
mutually beneficial, but has become a one way street heading in their direction!

Memarie Lane said...

you must use some especially tasty hair gel.

at least you didn't turn it into a lolcat.

Sornie said...

Don't rule that our yet Marie.

Lainey-Paney said...

cats poop in a box...a litter box.
we poop in a bowl...a toilet bowl.
are we all really that different???

Sornie said...

I like to think that doing our business in water is more advanced than gravel. Gravel is so pedestrian.

snowelf said...

and how eeewww is it when they lick your hair while you are sleeping!!


Jacki said...

Thankfully I am allergic to cats, or Emma would have convinced us to buy one. :-)