Monday, November 24, 2008

You can still get your FREE Dr. Pepper

Yes, even though I missed what was supposed to be the only day to get my free 20 oz. bottle of delicious Dr. Pepper, I — along with the rest of America can still grab the soda until 6 PM EST today (Monday, Nov. 24, 2008).

It seems a logical decision to extend the offer due to Dr. Pepper's website being beyond slammed throughout the day Sunday (and today as I cannot get my free soda). Whether the traffic was actually far too much to handle or Dr. Pepper came into this stunt woefully underprepared may never be seen. Hell, maybe they really don't want to make good with this rather costly promotion. Ah, I love a good conspiracy theory.

Oh, and about that Guns 'n Roses Chinese Democracy disc, even after letting that shit age for 14 years it's still just that, shit.

And Dr. Pepper isn't the only thing that is free. MinnPics, home of all things great in Minnesota photography, remains free because that's how I roll.

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