Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Target makes you have babies

It all started on the way to Target in Shakopee. We needed a curtain rod to finish off the laundry room. We took my car because, to be honest, it's rough. The plan was to get that baby out in to the world. My old lady was antsy as Saturday made her officially one day past her due date and she wanted nothing more than to be able to sleep on her stomach.

We were nearly to Target when she started feeling contractions. Because she's tough as nails, we forged ahead and after striking out at Target (does everyone buy white cafe-style curtain rods?) we went ahead to Wal-Mart where we circled the store because we thought some juice was needed.

By the time we got home, the contractions had slowed or even stopped. After a brisk walk around a few blocks in the 'hood and the third spicy meal in a row, there was some more contraction action. This time it happened as I was wiring in the motor on the whirlpool tub.

Let's just say that project isn't finished yet. By 8:30 we were getting checked in to the hospital and shortly after that I played my role as the dutiful sherpa who lugged all of the necessities to the second floor room.

Let's fast forward to 4:00 PM Sunday, a full 20 hours after her hard contractions began. The big show was upon us. The pushing began. The screaming started. The missus screamed too. I saw everything - even how a hospital room oxygen mask works (there's a little water bottle) because a hyperventilating mom-to-be isn't a good thing.

Then, after the doctor nearly scheduling a c-section, that final push with the help of forceps (ouch) brought 8 lb. 12 oz. Olivia Ruth in to the world at 5:56 PM on Sunday, november 16, 2008. Big in the weight department for a first child but of average length at 20.5".

Yes, that adds up to a full 22 hours of labor and 36 hours of us being awake. We are tired but not totally exhausted.

Oh yes, there are also photos. MinnPics has the cutest, exploitative baby photo this side of the Mississippi River. Check it out and judge for yourselves!

The points (5,000 of them) for naming her go to Memarie Lane who mentioned the name of Olivia which we were already considering but only cemented our decision once we saw her.

The winner of the "Guess the Due Date" game was H who nailed the date of November 16. 5,000 points to her as well!


H said...

Congratulations! ...to me. Not just anyone can correctly guess when a baby will arrive. (I do seem to have a certain knack for it - this is not the first birth date I've nailed)

But bigger congratulations to you on Olivia Ruth! I love the name and she is just precious - congrats again!

Memarie Lane said...

big baby! congratulations! i did the hyperventilating thin the first time too, not fun.

James said...


And, you know, Olivia Ruth is a great name. Ruth was my Grandma's name, and Olivia always makes me think of the color purple.

You know, the movie.

Balou said...

Awww! She's adorable! Congratulations and welcome to the world Olivia. Love the name. Hope Mrs. Sornie is doing well after all that hard work. And this made me LOL..."The screaming started. The missus screamed too."

Jacki said...

Congratulations!! And what a beautiful name. Marie is good at picking out beautiful names.

Brendan said...

Congratulations, Sornie, and to your wife as well.

Beautiful picture, too.

Bee said...

Awww! Congrats! I love her name too!

Crazy Lady said...

Congratulations and welcome sweet little Olivia Ruth!

Beth said...

that's not a baby...that's a toddler!!!

CoNGRATS to you and your wife!!! WOOHOO!!!

Whiskeymarie said...

HUGE Congrats!
I love the name Olivia- when I was young, I got a cabbage patch doll named Olivia because my Mom knew how much I liked the name.
She was less impressed with me asking if I could change my name when I got older.

The picture of her is adorable- made my ovaries twinge- just a little.

snowelf said...

Sornie, she is absolutely gorgeous!!
Let's hear it for Target! ;)

My daughter was 6lbs 9oz--she was way tiny, and my giant son was 8lbs 15oz--and almost three weeks early!

Congratulations to you and your wife as you welcome your daughter into the world.


Jeff said...

Don't know how I missed this, but... CONGRATS!!! Your daughter is totally beautiful. :-)

spleeness said...

wow, I love how you detailed out the day. Laughing at "The screaming started. The missus screamed too."

So you trailed off saying "We are tired but not totally exhausted."

I am guessing you're exhausted NOW...

cathouse teri said...

I love the name Olivia! Also, my first child weighed exactly 8 pounds 12 ounces, too! Was a long, hard labor, which included toxemia. Hard to imagine I ever did it again. TWICE!


noisysmile said...

congrats on the tot! She's a beauty. I love the name too. You'll have to get her all the Olivia books.

But I'll probably stay away from Target for a few years. . .

Mary said...

Big congratulations! Yay! So sorry I missed the big day.