Monday, November 10, 2008

My dreams suck

No, I'm not talking about the dreams of my future. I'm talking about the dreams that happen while I am tossing and turning in bed, running in my sleep and eventually waking up with the covers on the floor and my feet stuck in the wrought iron adornments of my headboard.

My most recent dream seems to be centered on current events.

If you haven't noticed, gas prices are hovering around two bucks per gallon. But my fear is that what goes down must go up. This may have led to my dream.

I just remember bieing totally livid after driving to work having seen that gas prices had, overnight, risen to a low of $3.64 (yes, my dreams are precise) to a high of $8.98 per gallon at a Shell station next to my office.

The reason I knew that this was a dream is that there is no Shell station near my office. Hell, there's no gas station (outside of a shaddy looking Oasis Market) within a few blocks.

While this dream had me checking the prices as I drove to work, I have to wonder what's next. Will I be swimming in a pool of liquified poop? Will I find myself placing hog's feet in jars? Will I be smothered under a large, smelly, greasy woman desperate for my afftection?

Only time will tell.


Anette said...

troubled dreams.. thats exhausting! hope they wont come true all of them!

Balou said...

Eat Indian food. A bit of curry will spice up your dreams. It does mine anyways.

Jeff said...

I think your fear of being smothered by a large, smelly, greasy woman is really a veiled desire you won't let yourself admit you actually have.

Sure, I got my psych degree from a 2 week online course - but it was an accelerated program and very challenging!

Memarie Lane said...

that's funny. remember i dreamed about finding batteries on sale. i had a similar dream last night. i wish the economy would pick up so i could have some more interesting dreams.

Sornie said...

Some sort of economic dream stimulus package is definitely in order.