Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lessons I have learned

Tonight as I cross the one week mark of fatherhood, I have lessons which I have learned that I shall share with my 23 million readers.

Green poop smells worse than the brown poop.

Green poop does leave stains.

Even a wood floor is cold at 3:25 AM.

A 6-day old will sleep in a bouncy seat at night so dad and mom can get a few shreds of shut eye.

In seeking new forms of caffeine, I've even considered drinking my wife's seemingly endless supply of dark roast coffee.

Shopping for groceries on five hours of sleep isn't fun — even if the store is Super Target.

Will there be more lessons? I am sure there will be. Do you, yeah you — the one reading this, have any valuable lessons to share?

MinnPics is nothing short of a lesson in great photography from around the state of Minnesota and with about a ten day backlog, there will be plenty of great photos there in the next month to calm your stressed out Christmas shopping nerves.


Memarie Lane said...

yes. poop from nursing babies is slightly less noxious than that of formula fed babies. some people like to lie and say there is no odor if you nurse. tell that to my diaper champ.

spleeness said...

Congratulations!! I am behind in my blog readings because I didn't realize you are now a dad. How awesome!

Any advice? Get help. Have people make food, clean, do laundry, babysit, etc. (if you can!) Heck I'd go foodshopping for you if I lived nearby.

Crazy Lady said...

Sleep when you can get it, don't worry about the dishes - they'll still be there later.

If someone offers to help - take them up on it.


take lots of pictures - this time will be over before you know it, and soon Olivia will be walking and talking!

Kickstand said...

No matter what, never ever try the baby food. Your brain will tell you to do so, "Oh she eats it so it must not be that bad", it's that bad!

Beth said...

1. take lots and lots of pictures...of that green poop, the sleepy parents,..everything.

2. ask for/ accept help from anyone willing to give it!

3. sleep when the baby sleeps. the laundry will always be there, the dishes will always be there, the dust bunnies will always be there...

4. try to put the baby in her bed she can learn to put herself to sleep. I never did this and I regret it to this very day. it would have saved alot of depression on my part! yes, she will cry. make sure she's fed and dry...she'll be fine. they have to fuss a little bit to get themselves to sleep. trust me on this one.

5. try to enjoy it!!!

Jacki said...

Everyone else had good advice. My advice is to save as much money as you can, because when she starts asking you for things and giving you looks with her big eyes, you'll have a hard time saying no.

cathouse teri said...

I used to go to the store and see pillows for sale and just DREAM of picking one up and setting it in the cart to lay my head down on. I spent every half-awake moment waiting for the day when I would get a few hours of uninterrupted sleep. My husband at the time was of no help. He would NEVER get up with the baby. I was on my own.

Then one day, it hit me. I will never again get enough sleep. And once I accepted this, I was fine. I stopped dreaming of pillows and sleep.

Twelve years and two more children later, I got a full night's rest. Hang in there. :)