Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Gas stations unwilling to sell gas?

First off, I'll correct myself and call them convenience stores. Maybe it was a fluke. Maybe it was a mechanical issue. Maybe it was a simple computer mishap. Or maybe it's a vast conspiracy put in motion by Super America stores across the Twin Cities and their corporate overlords, Speedway.

Whatever the case was, the pumps (not just mine) at the Super America in Shakopee on Marschall Road were unwilling to give up the gas that my car was jonesing for. The dude (it's all about the hair and his sweatshirt) at the pump next to mine said all the pumps were painfully slow. I trust words coming from a dude. I even joked about going home without my fix however I wasn't going to leave empty-tanked because at prices ($1.65) I haven't seen for four years, I was definitely filling up here.

Maybe it isn't a vast conspiracy where Super America signs advertise a shockingly low price (although the adjacent Kwik Trip had the same price) and refuse to dispense any actual gas. Maybe the tanker truck mistakenly filled the underground tanks with varying grades of molasses. Maybe it was worse, cement!

Or maybe, just maybe, Super America is conspiring to starve the Twin Cities of its gasoline supply. Sure, it starts with just the one store but soon enough Burnsville stores aren't pumping fuel. Then it jumps across the river to Bloomington, Richfield, Edina, Plymouth and on until the entire Twin Cities is without gas! Then other stores such as Holiday, Kwik Trip and BP follow suit — all because $1.65/gallon is just too damn low to justify actually selling the fuel!

Or maybe it was a one time hiccup localized to that one damn store that I stupidly pulled in to. But a vast conspiracy like the one I laid out can be entertaining too. Right?

Or maybe you want to get the hell out of here and go someplace sane. May I suggest MinnPics and its wealth of amazing photographs of Minnesota by Minnesotans?


Balou said...

Makes you wonder. Maybe it's so you get bored enough to read all the advertising on and around the gas pump until you realize "Hey! I NEED a Coke, a bag of jerky and windshield washer. And while I'm at it, I should get a speedy rewards credit card."

Bob Moffitt said...

Gas? I thought everyone in Minnesota used E85...


Loved the "Ethanol Plant At Night" photo, BTW. I Tweeted about it in my CleanAirChoice persona.

Sornie said...

I DID learn, Balou, that 20 oz. COke products were 2/$2. And Bob, thanks for spreading the word about MinnPics. I assume that on Dec. 19 you'll be at one of the Mystic Lake Casino Convenience Stores for E85 Day...